Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Augen zu Basel- 'closed eyes basel''eyes on basel'

Janis went to Basel and did the blind project guided by his cousin and recorded by me walking for 3 hours, and he didn´t see the city, only the station.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Janis will go again to Bern for 5 times more, he will loose every time one more sense, he did with the eyes covered, next time he will go with the ears cover, then with a weel chair, then with a gas mask and finally with gloves in his hands so every time he will loose one sense more, and he will try to do the same way than the first time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What does the spectator of the website think, Janis will do next ?

If you are interested you can write what do you think Janis will do in the future, maybe you convince Janis to do it.


Janis is going to do this performance project in October. He want to go all around one city he never was before with the eyes cover and only hearing the voice of the gide by headphones who will speak in german about the thins she can see in the city. He will never come back again the city so his only remember of it will be the video.


Janis did a slideshow of photos of painters and the drawings of Art Brut. Most of they are peopple from mental hospital.

Peopple into the Box

Janis convinced 4 peopple to do dayly actions into a box made of cardboard, eating, sleeping or cleaning himshelfs, he did also. Janis put televisions where you can see the peopple inside and also see yourshelf watching the televisions. The images into the television was black and white. I like the raltion that Janis makes about the way off see, and the ralation with the expectator.

Insects and Boxes

Janis Put some diferent table plays in front of the proyection of diferent kinds of insects which all the time try to kill the other like a metaphora of the strategycs in life.


Janis Studied in Kunstakademie of Münster, for 2 years. From th first moment he can do there what he want in his artistic work too diferent than in Spain

He work most of the time alone, I mean, he develop by his own the idea and sometimes he need help of peopple to do the work. By my opinion he do something more close to conceptual art but he said that he prefer sometimes the works made by heart.


I know Janis Lew Schroeder from the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design in Geneva. Together there we study Art in the department Art-Media. He is from Bochum, Germany. I am from Madrid, Spain. He makes a webpage about me. I do one about him. Normally we’re speaking English, so the webpages are in English. On my page I tell, what I know about him focused on his Art. Also I try to find out, what he will do in his future.